Round 8: Another double win- the best kind of win!!

Round 8- Sydney Uni vs Southern Power + Campbeltown

It was another glorious afternoon on Sydney Uni oval one and the Prems were keen to take to the field after witnessing the div 1 team stampede their opposition and come home for another win, well done girls!

After a fun filled team meeting on Thursday (which involved the team deciding that they wanted their attitudes to be as contagious as conjunctivitis and a big speech from Yuge advising us on our game play) the Bombers had been given minimal instructions on game day except that Yuge wanted to see a REACTION! It was a bittersweet day as the girls celebrated one of their most decorated players 21st birthday, (happy birthday Barrsy), but donned black arm bands to honour Ali’s grandmother passing away. There was a significant breeze as the girls warmed up, resulting in a few wayward balls and a new nickname for Anna “killer” Johnson. Jen warned us not to the take the other team for granted and that they had an amazing player coming back from injury (actually wrong team but oh well, got the girls paying attention) so the nerves were pumping as the whistle blew for the first ball up. Big Ez Mckinnon was flying high for the taps and all the bombers were working hard all over the ground but SoPo were solid on the ball and kept us to just one goal when the whistle blew for the first quarter. Sydney Uni 6.2.8 Vs SoPo 0.2.2

The second quarter we had the wind on our side and a renewed vigour. Orlaith lead the charge at the back, intercepting mark after mark and showing SoPo that “The Firm” didn’t get their name from being lawyers. The goals started raining in with clean passages straight out the Midfield, right into the hot hands of our forwards- Tex Walker was back after a shoulder niggle and really took the game on, having some great runs and delivering the ball into the sweet spot with accuracy pizazz. Em ‘Matho” Matheson was cool calm and collected as usual, delivering sweet handballs and setting up goals . Dre was quick with her hands and her feet whilst Annie “Billy” Boiler was crumbing like a cookie monster, along with the formidable Rachael Stack who barely missed a shot, to give the Bombers an extensive lead at half time.  Sydney Uni 7.3.45 Vs SoPo 0.2.2

The third quarter saw Ez and Adriana working hard in the ruck with Barrsy taking some amazing taps and scoring herself a couple of birthday goals.  Maddy, Meg dawg, and Jen continued to push and press the opposition back up the field and Wiggy took some great intercepts.  Chiara had her first taste of what it was like to be part of “the Firm’, and Wiggy relished sending her instructions. We saw an absolute blinder from Izzy The Terminator, with an outside foot banana on the boundary, to live up to her name with her ice cold precision goal kicking and “don’t mess with me” celebrations, she bagged herself 3 goals for the game and boy were they classy. Brushie was showing her incredible work rate around the stoppages and took a great mark in the forward 50 resulting in a Left footed goal. Sydney Uni 12.6.78 Vs SoPo 0.2.2

The fourth quarter saw the bombers continue to dominate, peppering the opposition’s defence and showing their highly skilful use of the ball. The goals just kept on coming and an emotional moment saw Ali get a goal for her Grandma and the whole team got around her.  Jen went for a trip of her own across the fullback line, one minute calling for the ball, the next on her arse, giving the sideline a good laugh. Nicola “Wiggo” Wiggins had finally been given her time to shine as full forward and the bombers were desperate to give her a chance to score (full back really is a thankless task), in the final moments of the quarter the ball is sent long straight into the hot spot.. Wiggy waiting expectantly with her arms outstretched, this was her moment, this was it, she was going to take a mark smack bang in front of goal, she would be the glory of the team (perhaps be recorded in the hall of fame), but at the last second Rach came flying in an snuffed out her hopes and dreams with a “did I just take the ball off you?” the whistle blew and bombers were victorious! Sydney Uni 19.8 122 Vs SoPo 1.2.9

“Its not whether the glass is half full or not, its what you do with what’s in it” Nicola Wiggins

Bar Cleveland Players Player: Orlaith Spooner- She took some of the best contested marks across the park, and kept a cool head under pressure, sometimes 2v1 and delivered the ball off that left boot to free players down the wing, along with her usual selfless work off the ball shepherding/bumping and providing quick hand to players running off. Brilliant.

Equal Second Players Player: Rachel Stack- She bagged herself 5 Goals!! Set up Play for her surrounding forwards and basically created a headache for the opposition. SoPo coach “who is #30, she’s pretty incredible”. Nicolar Barr- Her running game is hard to match, gathering tap after tap through the centres, grabbing herself 2 goals, and oping up the field with switch kicks across the park. Well done Ladies.

3rd Players Player: Stephanie Walker- She was zipping everywhere across the park, took on her opponents, also bagging herself 2 goals, one of which was pretty amazing, breaking a tackle and off 1 step sending it

through. Glimpses of the ole Tex were back! Congratulations!

Goal Kickers: R. Stack 5, I. Rudolph 3, N. Barr 2, E. Brush 2, S. Walker 2, A. Boyle, C. Scrimshaw , A. Wood, A. Smith, E. McKinnon

Best Players: E. Brush, R. Stack, S. Walker, N. Barr, J. Lew, A. Wood



As the Bombers faced another home game, their hunger would be on the ball, but also on moving up that sneaky ladder. Despite Vice Captain Jaz awkwardly rocking up wearing a Carlton Blues cap, we knew it was our home turf and there was no way we were gonna let these Blues cop a win.

During the ritual pregame huddle, Margot encouraged the team to bring max levels of energy and smash the first quarter, “let’s show them that we came here to win” “Gee up!” said Taylor And gee up we did. We smashed the first quarter, with high energy all over the park and Amber kicking the first goal. Jenni was constantly on her toes—the ball just didn’t seem to leave the gal alone. Jenni or as we like to call her, JACK, was absolutely nailing it. With 5 minutes left in the quarter, Jenni managed to snag the ball yet again. Just as she was about to kick from 50 meter line, near the boundary, she looked to Margot who was there for a backdoor ball. Jenni gave a solid handball to Margot, who managed to secure another goal for the Bombers. After the sound of the first siren, the Bombers were in the lead, their unfortunate opponents still on 0. The game was played consistently well across all positions—special mentions must be made however for Charlotte and Kristy, who played their second ever game in Division 1. Charlotte scored her first goal and was constantly getting her sprint on, despite the Blues’ desperation to catch up to her. If only they knew. Kristy enjoyed an absolute blinder as well, kicking a spectacular goal and engaging in some great plays.The winners of Player’s Player clearly show how well the Bombers played across the board, with defending, attacking and midfield positions all snagging some points.

Fernwood Fitness Players player went to Elle, who was excellent in the half back line. She made herself available for the switch time after time. She consistently got in front of her player and won that ball, even with a cloud of players all around her.

First runner up went to Megan, who experienced a bit of a change for her in this game, hanging out with the forwards crew instead of the backs gang. Still using her defending skills (you can take the girl out of the backs, but you can’t take the backs out of the girl), she palmed off players on several occasions. It was incredible to see her slamming that ball on her boot irrespective of the smorgasbord of defenders flocking towards her.

Our second runner up went to none other than JACK (aka lil Jenni). A true little terrier, she was absolutely incredible on the wing. She beat her opponent to the ball and she was smart with her decisions, even under immense pressure. A special shoutout for all the serious, overt aggression she copped from Campbelltown, Jenni handled it like a total badass (perhaps we should start calling her Jenni from the Block?)

Goal Kickers: A. Laven 3, M. Asquith 3, J. Fergus, K. Judd, C. van Veenendaal, M. Creegan, M. Alais, A. Knight, E. Martin
Best Players: M. Asquith, E. Carroll, A. Knight, J. Farrow, E. Martin, F. Klatt

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