Round 6: A road trip to the Gong and Newtown kept scoreless

Premier Division

The day dawned bright and sunny or “effing hot” as most of the prems were muttering as they rocked up to Mahoney oval to face Newtown in a round 6 clash. The Bombers were maybe slightly heat affected as they warmed up next to the Cooks River, and despite Maddie being deeply concerned that the balls might be kicked into the water, we managed to pull it together and most people were sweating as Ali had demanded before we headed back into the sheds. After a stern talking to from Yuge about being “incredible,” reassurance from Billy (Annie/Boiler) that she was “still here” and bets on about whether Rachael would be able to keep her cool, the Bombers trotted out onto the field.

The first few minutes saw Adriana leaping high, creating some great taps that saw Kelloggs distributing the ball to a goal hungry Stack straight down the middle, who swung around onto her formidable left leg and smashed the Sherrin straight through the sticks. The Bombers were up and they stayed up, when the whistle blew for the 1st quarter the score was 20-0.

After some instructions from Yuge to follow instructions, the 2nd quarter saw Izzy and Steph zipping everywhere making smart leads from the pockets and showing their superior and silky ball skills. Annie was crumbing like a pro, bagging herself a goal along with Erin and Chlo Chlo providing heaps of options and each sending it through for 6. Half time 37-0.

The next 2 quarters saw the bombers doing stealthy rondos, a million green light taps, a few no answers from the firm and goals, lots of goals! Jen, flanked by Orlaith and Meg, was trusty and reliable off the half back line with safe hands and great distribution, making sure that whoever was in the full back position could have put their feet up and had a nap. The ball never got past our amazing firm keeping Newtown scoreless.

Our rookies Maddie, Kelsey and Charlotte were tough, strong and fast showing true bombers flair and could easily be mistaken for players having years of experience. Kenny was running everywhere taking great marks and delivering short piercing kicks.

Someone sat on Chloes face which somehow gave her a scratch on her nose, Ali got screamed at because she didn’t get up quick enough and Adriana had a bone crunching fall from a massive leap that made everybody wince. AJ was extremely distressed at the possibility of being “tagged” but managed to make a comeback and take some great marks and do important runs down the wing. When the final whistle sounded it was 76-0.

Bar Cleveland Players Player: Nic Barr- Nic was working like a machine off the half back line showing her elite running ability and leaving the opposition for dead, her penetrating kicks into the forward line set up heaps of goals.

2nd: Although she was nervous before the game coming back from injury you would never have guessed it as Emily took on and beat player after player, showed her beautiful kicking style and incredible versatility.

3rd : Rachael Stack who is having an amazing season, her leads and positioning on the field are unmatched in the league and she is definitely a contender for golden boot. She got an impressive 4 goals!

Goal Kickers: R. Stack 4, A. Wood 2, A. Boyle, I. Rudolph, C. Scrimshaw , E. McKinnon, A. Smith

Best Players: R. Stack, A. Wood, E. Matheson, N. Barr, J. Lew, C. Scrimshaw


Division 1

After two amazing back-to-back wins, the Div 1 crew prepared to once again put their game face on, this time in the mystical land known as The Gong. As the top of the table team, Wollongong Saints would be a tough team to take on, but the Bombers played the best footy they could, right to the very end.

The first quarter was heavy on the defence, Wollongong was there to win, but the Bombers weren’t going to let them fly through with ease. Behind after behind, the Saints were feeling the pressure from our back line. Bec Bowen scored the first goal of game. Grabbing the ball from the pack, she threw it on her boot and we all watched as it rolled into the goals. After some further guidance from Coach Chris at half-time, the Bombers returned ready to emphasise what they knew best: supportive play.

The last quarter the Bombers were on absolutely fire. The back line was exhausted, and the mids were hungry to hand the ball down to the forwards. In a high pressure moment, Georgia grabs the footy and gives the quick hands over to Angie. Angie gives a quick kick to Franzi, Franzi marks it and kicks it to Amber who did a chip to Erin who was free in the pocket and GOAL! Just when we thought the action was over, the heat returns. Jen gets her hands on the ball, but all of sudden finds herself on the ground. Is she injured, is she alright? We don’t know. She gets up, and the umpire gives her the ball: it’s her kick. Jen slowly gets up, ready to kick, but Angie runs through for that back door ball. Jen hands it off to Angie, Angie runs through, gets it on her boot and lands a goal for the Bombers!

Two amazing contenders for goal of the year and a perfect example of how the Bombers play footy. The Bombers may have suffered a loss looking at the score board, but that’s not how they felt inside. Coach Chris emphasised this, noting that the way he saw his team play made him feel that they were walking away with a win. Excellent footy from Div 1, and after a much deserved rest this Saturday, we will be excited to see them play at our home oval.

Fernwood fitness Players Player: Megan Asquith

2nd: Angela Knight

3rd: Jennifer Farrow

Goal Kickers: E. Doyle 2, R. Bowen, A. Knight

Best Players: M. Asquith, A. Knight, T. Von Arnim, G. Davis, J. Farrow, A. Laven

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