Round 15: A Win and a Sting

Prems Vs Western Wolves

It was ‘Saturday Night Lights’, a 5pm Home Game on our beloved hard surfaced centre pitch. The air was crisp and the warm up (much to Alex’s dismay) was full of chitter chatter & glee, for it was the El Presidente’s, The Big Rig’s , Olivia Warrens 50th game (with the bombers). Olivia loves the Club & loves being able to run out in the blue & Gold Jersey.. (or just wear it around as leisure wear) and to top it off, this 50 was against a fearsome competitor the Western Wolves. The Bombers wanted it to be a good one, a chance to hone in on their skills leading into the finals, and perhaps top their score from our previous encounter.

1st Quarter: Once again our Midfield dominated, with some clean hands from Kellogs and hard outside runs from Nic Barr and Meg Haynes. The Wolves were hard on the ball however and every tap resulted in a strong physical contest. We held the ball within our forward 50 for the majority of the quarter, with Rachel once again steady between the sticks, Big Erin showing her hunger up front and bagging herself 2×6’s, One of which she decided to Ruck and Rove herself for a cheeky little snap. Great to see!!

Sydney Uni 3.1-19 v Western Wolves 0.0-0

2nd Quarter: The Wolves came out firing, and we could hear the hits all over the ground, Meg Haynes getting sandwiched and Kellogs taking some crunchers on the hard mud in the centre of the pitch. We saw some great defensive work from Maddie, Wiggo, Pippy, Orlaith and Liv shutting down their passages with intercepts and Marks, along with making use of the switch to get us out of trouble across the half line-. one of which lead to the 3rd “Back’s Goal” of the season to none other than the nimble Megan Andressen! Yahhhooo There were some clever hands & runs from our wingers Kenny, Emily ‘Matho’ Matherson and The Killer/Sniper Anna AJ Johnson opening up the park, leading to a goal a piece for our half forwards Tex Walker and Izzy the Terminator.

Sydney University 6.5-41 v Western Wolves 1.1-7

3rd Quarter: This quarter saw the intensity rise another level- but the Bombers were up to the task Peppering goals left right and Centre- in total 5/11 attempts. We Saw Erin use her height to take a grab right on the line- to which she casually walked back & only just clear the fingertip (geeeezz buddy!), A quick one two on the run for Nic Barr down the left flank holding our breathe… Yes it’s made it through. A beautiful Kick from Kellogs about 40 out- cool even under their disruptive yells on the Mark. Another 2 blinders from the left footer Stack attack- formidable force in Action!

We used the ball welling this quarter, bringing it back out when it was needed. There was a sleek passage of hands from Ali to Nic B to Jen to Nic B 45* centering kick to Pippy, which ultimately lead to one of those numerous goals!

Sydney University 11.11-77 v Western Wolves 1.1-7

4th Quarter: After being asked the question by Yuge if we were enjoying ourselves or not- replied with a raucous ‘Have’n a great time Yuge’. We Went back out to seal the deal. We had an unlucky call in regards to there 2nd goal- touched but the umpire didn’t agree. Can’t win them all! Erin Went in to boot her 4th!! And the cool calm and collected skilled Kick of Izzy saw another 6 added to our board. But Alas…. We saw a late hit in the backline that saw Liv taken from the ground… only to see her show up again 5 minutes later in the front pocket. This was it, her time to shine. A ball in from Ali- A Mark….Hit the Right post. A scramble, another entry- A Mark.. Hit the left post. A bullet across the face of the Goal from Tex, and outstretched fingertip-> Mark. Off 1 step-> Goal!! Liv’s 1st Goal in the Blue & Gold, and her 2nd for the League. Congratulations.

Sydney University 14.14-98 V Western Wolves 2.1-13

Funny Mentions of the Game-

-Meg Haynes being Creamed on the cnr of the Centre square, saved only by the ball under her letting out an almighty hhuuuuuuurrrggghh*.

-Big Ez Mckinnon managing to somehow knee herself in the back of her own leg

Goal Kickers: E. McKinnon 4, R. Stack 3, I. Rudolph 2, O. Warren, M. Andresen, K. Sutcliffe, N. Barr, S. Walker

Best Players: E. McKinnon, N. Barr, K. Sutcliffe, P. Clegg, R. Stack, O. Warren

EQUAL 1ST Bar Cleveland Players Player: Olivia Warren- She has some of the safest hands and kicks in the game, She’s always looking to beat her opponent and we all know she plays with passion and pride for this team.

Erin McKinnon– Had a blinder of a game, showed really hunger and determination for the ball, which is all you can ask from a tall forward. Great Game, keep it coming.

3rd Players Player: Andrea Roditis- Week in week out giving great performances across the park. Quick clean hands and smart ball delivery.

Div 1 Vs The UNSW Stingrays

Howdy folks, and thanks for tuning in! You may have heard that the mighty Sydney Uni Bombers took on UNSW, but you may have also heard that the Bombers were unable to take home a win. Needless to say, the media was in an absolute frenzy. Channel 9, 7 and Ten were all fighting to do live interviews with us, the incident was trending on Facebook, the new Bachelor was going to give us a shoutout on social media and the paparazzi just refused to leave us alone. While it was tempting to flood the Twittersphere with #FakeNews to throw everyone off the scent, we realised we’re noble sportswomen and if we lose, we lose with grace.

The first quarter was a real test to see who in the Bombers was a morning person (update: number remains ambiguous but skews towards zero, potentially in the negative numbers). But, after all, it was 8am, in Blacktown, and we were trying our best. The backline received a lot (a sh*t tonne) of pressure, with Erinna in halfback showing off her powerful kick and rapid decision making. Taylor was a real asset, and helped relieve pressure from the half-back line with her fearlessness, calling (no one call’s better than Tay Tay Blay™) and running, despite a really over-sized oval.

After the first injury of the game, Margot (that’s me) was forced to migrate to the bench and rest her dodgy foot. PLOT TWIST: This development meant the Bombers no longer had a sub. It was crunch time now (except not literally because we can’t afford anymore injuries). The water runners were trying their best to hydrate all the hard-working Bombers, and after a well defended and high performing second quarter, everyone gladly welcomed the half time break.

It’s a whole different game after half time—I think that’s the saying. The game could easily have gone either way despite UNSW leading, with the Bombers keeping their opponents on a very short leash (and a low score). It was such a short leash in fact, that poor Elle managed to smother a kick…with her neck. A true demonstration of valiancy, but with Elle needing to come off immediately, Coach Chris (much to Physio Amy’s dismay) was forced to play Margot, despite her dodgy foot.


The fourth quarter was tiring, yet exhilarating. Amber, one of our resident goal-kickers, was hungry for the ball. The mids were working vigorously to retain control of the ball, the backs needed a break and the forwards were ready to make it rain with goals. In a heated moment, the ball flung itself from the wings to the cusp of our forward 50. Margot shucked her defender loose, chasing the ball and passing it to Amber, who had sprinted around and made herself an option. Another amazing goal for the Bombers, and a true team effort! While the continuous efforts of the Bombers didn’t quite translate into a win, the consistent hard work and supportive play throughout the game was highly commendable. The Bombers are looking forward to facing Wollongong again this weekend (ROOOADTRIP!), with a special cameo from Katrina stepping in as coach while Chris is away.

Goal Kickers: A. Laven 2
Best Players: T. Blaydon, S. Clarke, G. Davis, J. Farrow, J. Debenham, E. Carroll

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