Round 14 A Wrestle with the Warriors and Wand Warfare with Western Magic

Premier Division vs Mac Uni Warriors

The Bombers were coming off a week off and fresh legs were back from holidays. The Bombers hadn’t wrestled with the Warriors since the very 1st game of the season so there was a sense of nervous excitement to get out there and play some footy. They knew this team had some flair and some recently recruited stars, but after a good warm up on the now dirt patch, the bombers were ready to take on the black red and white.

1st Quarter: There was some smooth ruck work by Adriana into the formidable midfield of Brushie, Kellogs and Nic- shutting down and slicing through the opposition. The Bombers had the backline cutting off and intercepting left right and centre with Wiggo shouting orders to the Firm and the firm answering with their trademark unity (including a cheeky lil lift up on Liv for Jen- sorry buddy!) They took the lead early and dominated possession for the quarter, locking it in their forward 50 with 5 shots on goal, with 1 being sent through for 6 by Steph.

Sydney Uni 1.4-10 V Macquarie Uni 0.0-0

2nd Quarter: After a chat from Yuge that they could indeed be in front by a bit more and to keep their composure, they went back out and played some Bombers football. There was a passage that was switched by Brushie out to Jen, 45* to Steph, down the wing to Andrea, Centering ball to Stack- Goal- Beautiful. Matho was showing her clean hands and precision kicking from the forward pocket and the Bombers used their switches really well in this quarter, splitting the park wide open! There was great pass from Nic Barr to the midfield, leading to the 2nd goal for Steph Walker, and the back only letting through a behind. Sydney University 3.7-25 Vs Macquarie University 0.1-1

3rd Quarter: Macquarie Uni showed their resilience in this quarter with 5 entries into the Bombers backline resulting in 2 goals, changing up their field and increasing their hunger. Unfortunately for the Bombers, they lost 2 integral players through injury: Lara Creber after bravely going back with the flight of the ball; got knocked heavily in the head, having to go to hospital with a bleeding Retina!!! Along with Megan Andresen from a late tackle. We also saw Steph go sliding uncomfortably into the opposition’s bench. The bombers were a bit rattled and lost their shape a bit but did not give up. Rachel Stack was getting hassled and held, which she (after being told to settle) sent two quick answers through for 6 (She is unstoppable!!), along with Brushie using her speed to send it through helping us maintain a healthy lead.

Sydney University 6.8-44 V Macquarie University 2.4-16

4th Quarter: Once again they came out strong, but through the use of quick hands and strong leads through the corridor, the Bombers held most of the possession of the ball. Meg Haynes was vital in the mids, shutting down important play makers for Mac whilst Pippy really stepped up her game with some strong tackles and excellent kicks (Earning her a rising star nomination-Go Pip!). There were some great runs and clearing kicks by Orlaith, Liv and Maddie and sleek hands from Dre whilst Steph sealed the deal by getting her 3rd

Sydney University 7.10-52 V Macquarie University 4.4-28

*Special mention to Rachel Stack playing centre half forward and showing up in the backline out of no-where*


Goal Kickers: R. Stack 3, S. Walker 3, E. Brush

Best Players: J. Lew, S. Walker, K. Sutcliffe, E. Brush, A. Wood, P. Clegg

Bar Cleveland Players Player: Andrea Roditis- Playing with such a cool head, excellent crumbing positions, speed and precision handballs- Dre is proving she is a talented small forward and linkage player into our forward entries and goals. Well done Champ.

2nd Players Player: Stephanie Walker- She playing some of her best; with 3 goals in the bag, and always looking for the linkage to a switch, Steph helps open up the park, and can fire a bullet into her forward buddies hands.

3rd Players Player: Jennifer Lew- Consistently showing up in the players player votes, Jen really plays for the team. This week saw her rack up the disposals, taking mark after mark, and switching play across the field and contributing to the bombers success all across the park (did I hear a “backs goal?”).

Div 1 Vs Western Magic

Ah Western Magic we meet again…

The infamous team we had been paired up against for Round 3. That was a mere 3 months ago, but for the Bombers, an immeasurable amount of growth had already occurred. We’d come a long way from the start of the season, and that pesky Round 3, and we were ready to show Western Magic that they were in for a rude awakening.

The first quarter siren went and you could sense the nerves and tension. The ball drifted toward our backline but Jeri bombed it back out toward the mids. The mids took control of the ball and linked it to our forwards and with everyone’s eyes on her, Tanika scored the first goal of the game. The energy picked up for the Bombers, while Western Magic realised they were going to have to up their game if they wanted to snag a win from us.

By the second half things were moving quickly. The score was tight and frustrations from both sides were increasing. After some wise words from Chris at half time, the Bombers returned to the field with even more hunger for the ball. Angie was fantastic in the mids with her quick hands, while Jen and Theo moved the ball well on the run, opening up the space as best they could. Erinna and Elle were true assets in their half back positions, despite constant over-crowding from Western Magic in their forward fifty.

Our defence was strong, and we ramped up the pressure to deprive the opposition of the ball—a pressure they do not seem to get much of from other teams.

Offensively, Amber and Kristy kept their cool and made themselves available for some excellent marks, which they succeeded in taking irrespective of the aggressive defenders around them.

With the Bombers spirit never faltering, we played with all of our effort until the very end of the game, and never dropped our heads. We look at this loss not with disappointment but with pride towards how far we’ve come and how we continue to grow.

A special mention must be made to our wonderful Megan Creegan, who was honorary captain for our round against Western Magic. It was Megan’s final game for the season (but who knows, perhaps she can be convinced to return to Sydney next year…) and she will be sorely missed by her teammates and club, who value her both on and off the field. Cheers for all your time with us Megan, you’re a legend. 

Fernwood Fitness players player: Jeri Gallagher

2nd: Megan Creegan

3rd: Elle Caroll

Goal Kickers: K. Judd, T. Robertson, M. Asquith
Best Players: J. Farrow, T. Von Arnim, G. Davis, A. Knight, M. Alais, J. Gallagher

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