Round 13 Div 1 Bombers vs Stingrays

Bombers V UNSW

Round 13 Sat marked a big one for Div 1ers being the last round before comp splits into finals candidates v non finals candidates and fate would have it that we were coming up against our rival uni club, UNSW.

Despite a bit of a non-ideal warm up  on a 15*15 metre grass spot dodging poles, dogs and children, we did what Div 1-ers do best and made do, got on with it and started geeing ourselves up for big game. Team huddle and Theo reminded us that we weren’t going to let them win – “not on our home turf!” – which it actually wasn’t, but never mind, we liked the sentiment and with that took to the field to show ‘em what we were made of.

First quarter – what a quarter! If only we’d had four of those! Right from the first bounce the Bombers dominated the Centre with quick, clean hands out and a very smooth passage of play to Amber who secured the first goal comfortably. Bombers continued to dominate the first with hard tackles, amazing marks and strong attack on the ball to put us ahead at the quarter break, 21-3.

Second quarter, errr. Did that even happen? I don’t really remember it and the peops on the score-board/behind the sticks didn’t get much action because half time we went into the sheds 23-4. Third quarter UNSW came out hungry and hard. From the first bounce they won the tap and got a clear kick out to the forwards to get an early goal on the board. But wait? How many can you have in the Centre?! And what’s Ange doing on the bench (insert horrified face) – QUINNY!! Yes, we happened to be one down but after re-learning to count to 18 we were back in the game Back to the middle – Ange won the tap, kicked to Jen 1 or 2 (soz I know you’re individuals but I can’t remember) who found Amber who bagged the goal to settle the score. Unfortunately, UNSW managed to snag one in the third bringing the score at the end of Championship quarter to 29-18 – a little too close for comfort.

Both teams came out hard in the fourth and UNSW gave it one more decent shot with a quick play into the forward pocket which could have been pretty damn dangerous but Kirby pulled out the smother of the game to block the kick and send the ball back into our forward line – where it belongs! Three goals in the final quarter for the Bombers brought the full time score to a comfortable 48-19 victory.

A couple of stand-out mentions to: Amber Laven – 4 goals, BOOM welcome back woman!!; Franzi for playing on and rucking like an absolute champ despite a very “wonky finger” and knuckle; little Erin who had some strong leads and runs in the forward line; Charlotte who put on some massive tackles and smoked them on the wing; and Jeri who took a few really crucial marks in the backline to get us out of danger.

A very good way to finish (a very long) first round team. From last spot and 122-0 losses to being in 6th place and bringing it to the best of them. We’re improving every week and I can’t wait to see the brilliance we pull out in the next four rounds. All I can say is, we’re coming for you Magic!

Players Player went to Kristy who had a cracker of a match. Taking marks all over the field, shrugging off players left right and centre and bagging a few goals for good measure. One of my favourite points in the game was Leila taking a mark and then kicking it wildly to the wing and screaming (insert slo-mo voice for dramatic effect) “Kriiiiistyyyyy” – to which Kristy responded to by taking one hell-uva contested mark over three Easts players, all the while making it look effortless. Also that tackle on our forward line! One for the highlights reel.

Runner up went to our little terrier Jenni “Jack” Debenham who attacked the ball with force, constantly made space and created good options all over the park. She also bagged herself a goal.  Well done Jack, you little trooper.

Third place went to everyone’s favourite Canadian, Jen Farrow. She’s been away for a few weeks but you wouldn’t know it. She took some killer marks, contested every ball and I’m sure every one of her defenders felt it on Sunday morning. Now never leave us again!!

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