Bombers Vs the Wolves and the Cats Round 9

Premier Division Vs Western Wolves

It was a day for records, ONE an amazing achievement (50 games for Tex Walker), the others not so amazing- a new record for “side goals” and also a red card (we thought they were just for soccer wusses right?). But none the less it was once again a double win, and in the words of Chloe Scrimshaw- HOW GOOD!

The bombers had been a bit derailed by sickness, small numbers at training and the dreariness of the winter weather, however they all showed up with one thing on their mind “My teammate!!”  well except maybe Izzy the terminator “I dunno” Rudolph.

Historically the Bomber’s clashes with the Western Wolves have been a bit rough and tumble so they were ready to come out fighting, AJ managed to only fall over once prior to game time & the novelty of a grass netball court surface for the warm up  really got tongues wagging. Nonetheless the warm up was sharp, and the bombers were ready to go out and do what they do best.

1st quarter saw the bombers really dominate those side goals starting with a spray from Ali after a perfect bullet of a pass from Tex Walker right in front of goals, the next 18 minutes saw the ball barely leave the forward 50 with shot after shot raining down anywhere but the middle of the posts.

Syd Uni 3.8-26 v Wolves 0.0.0

2nd quarter we were aiming to beat our side goal score but fell two goals short. Jen attempted not 1 but 2 Speccies, (got to hold them next time!). Then Rachael got a big trip and a face full of dirt, so asked the question of the umpire and unfortunately got banished from the field. The bombers were a man down but never fear, they decided it was time to get some more side goals.

At games like this the Firm can often find themselves twiddling their thumbs unfortunately, with Wiggo highlighting that the most running she does in a game like this is to the other end of the park when we lose the toss; however The Firm seemed unperturbed by this on Saturday with raucous calls of “Foo’s goal”(or was it Fools Gold?) echoing around the ground with glee. Additionally they discussed the big issues and now all know what the other teams’ favourite movies are.

Syd Uni 6.14.50 V Wolves 0.0.0

The 3rd Quarter Yuge asked us for 1 thing- we answered: a beautiful passage of play- Hands from Orlaith to Meg to Jen who put it on the boot to Steph across the park, hands back to Kenny who then chipped back over the top to Steph, who with her clinical precision kicking centred it straight to Matho (who was impressive all over the park, one versitile player).. 15 mtrs out.. “Walked it into the goals”! The ball didn’t touch the ground once. Well done ladies. Some comedic highlights were: AJ getting snipered, getting (another) falcon and regathering down the line, along with (in the 4th) gaving some major attitude to someone who doubted her ability to take an amazing mark. Another highlight- Brushie going for a side goal and hitting Kellogg’s window (no broken glass (luckily).

Syd Uni 10.17-77 v Wolves 0.0.0

There was some great movement all over the park in the 4th Quarter. Quick hands in the centres, great leads from the forwards, and ending in an agonising moment when Jen had a leisurely run and carry out of the back line (with the wolfpack in hot pursuit), whilst most of the team pulled their hair out in fear of the dreaded BAALLLLLL, screaming HHHHOOOTTT, the ball got handed away to Barrsy and the bombers were off again! Annie Billy Boiler getting the last behind because “he said get to 100, not more”.

Syd Uni 13.22-100 V Wolves 0.0.0

Quote of the DAY: TOO EASY AJ

Bar Cleveland Players Player: Steph Tex Walker- who was dynamite from the first whistle, out there to show that you don’t get to 50 games by sitting on your bum. She was clinical in her delivery and played some really smart and unselfish football.

2nd Players Player: Ellie Brush- who peppered home 4 goals, created great linkages across the park, never stops running and gave us all a good chuckle with her side goal!

3rd Players Player: Andrea Roditis- Plays smart front and centre footy, gathering up the crumbs and sucking in defenders before providing the hands off and forward 50 entries.

Fun Game Ladies, lets invert the Goal/Side Goal scores from now on eh!!

Goal Kickers: E. Brush 4, S. Walker 3, A. Boyle 2, E. McKinnon 2, E. Matheson, I. Rudolph
Best Players: E. Brush, N. Barr, S. Walker, E. Matheson, J. Lew, A. Roditis


Division 1 vs The Camden Cats   

It was a Fridayor, as the youths call it, a Friyay. The week was drawing to a close and the weekend was just on the horizon.


What’s that?

Oh it’s my phone. I forgot to put it on silent and my co-worker is giving me death stares. Across all of Sydney, the Div 1 squad checked their emails: we’ve been summoned by the boss.

His name is Quinn. Chris Quinn.

When? 5:15pm.

Where? Camden (crap, that’s a bit far).

After travelling far and wide to take on the Camden Cats, the Bombers thought the hard part was over. [hint: it wasn’t]

The first quarter was challenging, despite falling in at 11th on the ladder, the Cats were ready to defend their home ground and secure a win. The back line was feeling the pressure, while the mids and forwards were being flooded by the opposition and were fighting hard to get their hands securely on the ball. The siren calls the end of the first quarter: the Cats were leading, albeit only by a small margin.

Yo was on the sidelines, braving the Camden cold air, while Bronte (our valiant message runner) was puffed out from the numerous laps of the oval she’d done. Quinn (Chris Quinn) was trying to keep it together, and was glad to have Rayanne Kenny there as his Official White Board Holder.

After a few inspirational words, the Bombers were back on the field and this time they were prepared and ready to give it all they had (no really…Ally sacrificed her elbow for the cause, while Amber sacrificed her knee, a couple ribs and her trip to Europe).

Jeri was on fire as full back, taking chest mark after chest mark, and angering the Camden forwards in the process. Everyone was stepping up their game, with our favourite rower, Lil Em, nearly getting a shot on goal! Our very own Canadian (Jen) scored a freakishly impressive goal, while also starting a fantastic play from the back pocket, that from a several mark to kick exchanges and turned into a goal at the end. Meanwhile, Charlotte played a seriously radical game on the wing, feeding the ball into the forward line, with Tanika getting some great takes and attempts at goal. The game seemed to be an excellent foundation for some dynamic duos, with Angie and Georgia smashing it in the midfield and Megan Creegan and Jaz enjoying some sneaky back and forth exchanges before scoring goals respectively.

A tough but well-deserved win, the Bombers are now looking to crack into the top of the ladder to qualify for finals. With the kind of determination and resilience the Div 1 girls continuously show, no one has a doubt in their mind that they could achieve this.

Fernwood Fitness Players Player: Jen Farrow

Runner up 1: Charlotte Van Veenendaal

Runner up 2: Tanika

Goal Kickers: E. Doyle 2, J. Fergus, M. Creegan, J. Farrow, A. Laven
Best Players: J. Farrow, C. van Veenendaal, J. Debenham, T. Robertson, M. Asquith, F. Klatt

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