Bombers Vs Newtown Round 11 wrap up

Premier Division

It was a nippy afternoon down at Henson Oval, Another double header, another chance of a double win! We had the oval to ourselves, and there was a sense of nervous excitement in the air.

Yay Footy!

1st Quarter: With Wiggo away we had Maddie stepping up to keep the backs in line- the shepherd of the press…The Full back! And what a game she had, taking intercepts galore, quick hands and kicks under pressure, well done. The big news of the day however was in fact the return of ‘The Big Rig.’ Taking stealth intercepts  (‘’I forgot that I had to put my name on it, I was trying to be sneaky’’) and showcasing her new blue gloves in a couple of trademark big fend offs our awesome president showed that she’s still got it. Great to see you back out there in the blue and gold Liv!

Once again, we saw some great movement out of the centres, slicing through the opposition with ease, peppering home 3.

Sydney Uni 3.3-21 v Newtown Breakaways 1.0-6.

2nd Quarter we saw Lara’s incredible work rate in full swing, along with Adriana as our Ruck(wo)men tapping the ball into the hands of Nic, Ellie, Ali and Megs & full forwards, creating headaches for Newtown. We had great runs off the back line with Kenny using her speed and stepping her defenders, and Megan Andresen delivering clean kicks including a ripper bullet to the top of the arc that resulted in the only goal for the quarter (Underrated? I think we rated it!). Some funny instances were Rachel Stacks minuscule kicks to team mates.. Probably could have hand balled buddy & Chiara’s dancelike moves on the mark making Newtown laugh and ultimately miskick the ball (All part of the plan, right Diablo?).

Sydney Uni 4.4-28 v Newtown 1.0-6

3rd Quarter- We Started to play the bombers Style, with quick hands & switches out of the back line, to once again display beautiful passages of play where the ball hardly touched the ground. Steph threaded the needle from the boundary line, Nic got her 2nd and Ellie and Annie blitz goals through. Rach also did a sneaky bounce in amongst about 3 Newtown players (I think she thought she was back on the basketball court!) but walked away with the ball somehow. By this stage Newtown were worried and dropped a 2nd forward to help out their defence, and Yuge would have been happy.. “You are playing the Bombers Now”.

Sydney Uni 8.8- 56 Newtown Breakaways 2.0-12

 4th Quarter saw the return of Stack attack to Ruck, along with scoring another sausage roll. Lara got a beautiful shank in front of the sticks (may have been nerves in front fans), and glorious shouts of “BACKS GOAL” when Andresen did a 1-2 down the far wing sending it through for 6! Bombers take it home, and like the rest of each and every quarter scored the same amount of goals as side goals— what an achievement!

Sydney Uni 10.10- 70 v Newtown Breakaways 2.0-12


Goal Kickers: S. Walker 3, N. Barr 2, R. Stack 2, A. Boyle, E. Brush, M. Andresen

Best Players: N. Barr, E. Brush, R. Kenny, A. Smith, A. Roditis, M. Andresen

Bar Cleveland Players Player: Rayanne Kenny: She stepped up this week, and used her speed to the teams advantage, intercepted and spoiled in the backline and delivered the ball forward. Well done little speedster.

 2nd Players Player: Megan Andresen: With her precision kicks and cool head under pressure, Megan is a dynamic utility player, who can play anywhere and play is well. Glad she’s with us in the blue and gold.. BACKS GOAL! yahoo

3rd Players Player: Maddie McCathie: A great communicator and with amazing defensive work, you would never guess it’s her first year of footy!

 Last week’s players player because we forgot to announce:

 Bar Cleveland Players Player: Ellie Brush:

2nd Players Player: Ali Wood:

3rd Players Player: Jennifer Lew



Divison 1

The Div 1 teams were sitting at number 7 on the ladder, needing to crack the top 6 in order to secure a spot in the finals. The game against Newtown was going to have to be rich in goals in order for the Bombers to climb the ladder further.

It was potentially the coldest weekend that Sydney had ever experienced, but our Prem team members sat loyally on the sidelines, braving the cold and chugging a beer or two. While everyone was stocked to have Local Legend Jennifer Lew umpiring the game, the lights of Henson Park didn’t seem to want to turn on. The game began with only a sliver of daylight, but by the end of the first quarter, we seemed to be playing in the dark, straining our eyes and trying our best. The darkness didn’t seem to bother our forward line, with Megan Asquith bagging 3 goals just in the first quarter.

With the lights (finally) turning on, the Bombers ran the ball through beautifully with the help of our wonderful Emma Yuen. The Newtown Breakaways were getting increasingly frustrated, with zero points on the board, so we knew we were doing something right. In the half back line, Kristy, Erinna and Margot were able to work together with quick disposals of the ball. The mids were another key reason for Newtown not being able to score, with each rover skilfully and consistently getting the ball out of the pack and feeding it forward. Angie played particularly well, with hands like magnets attracting and securing the ball, while Jenni and Charlotte stayed constantly alert on the wings — an area Newtown seem to show a lot of love to on the park. The game was a quiet one for our full backs but, in a high stress situation when Newtown almost managed to get some points on the score board in the final quarter, Sophie and Jeri were able to work together to release the ball from the danger zone, and safely return it to our mids, just as the siren sounded.

Another win for Div 1, allowing the girls to bump up to 5th place on the ladder. The Bombers are in a good place, just in time for their challenging game against Manly this Saturday. Go Bombers!

Player’s Player for Round 11 (v. Newtown Breakaways)

  1. Megan Asquith
  2. Emma Yuen
  3. Angela Knight

Player’s Player for Round 10 (v. Auburn Giants)

  1. Margot Alais
  2. Emma Jalalaty
  3. Franziska Klatt

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