ROUND 16- An Unsaintly loss and a some unlucky Irish!

DIv 1 Bombers Vs Wollongong

With only 2 rounds to play, a finals spot on the line, and the farewell of club champ small Erin – the div 1ers once again made the trek back down to the Gong to show the competition front runners how far they had come. But not even an inspirational Trinny pep-talk could prepare us for the onslaught ahead. Coming off the back of their first loss of the season, the Gong were ready to make amends, and make amends they did. Even from the warm up it was clear to see they meant business, while the Bombers, not used to such a fashionable coach, were mildly distracted by Trinnie’s amazing pants (just lucky Quinny doesn’t rip out the suit T-shirts on game day.)

The first quarter kicked off and Franzi, who hadn’t eaten for a week, still managed to dominate the taps from the get go. We got the first clearance through a speedy Jen Farrow run through, but it wasn’t long until the Gong had capitalised on our turnover and secured the first major. The rest of the quarter continued much the same, though the scoreboard wasn’t an accurate reflection of the game, as the bombers controlled their share of the ball – but were just unable to convert. Amber ‘Buddy’ Laven, true to nickname, took a sensational contested grab from our most positive forward 50 entry of the day. After a quick 1, 2 handball exchange with Angie, she belted the ball towards goal and was unlucky to miss to the far side.

The highlight of the second quarter was a troop of skydivers providing some much needed entertainment for the crowd, but much like their quick descent, the bombers fall from grace continued, with the Gong stacking on another 5 unanswered majors for the quarter. Nonetheless the bombers fought on valiantly, and literally (she deserved it Margot) as the tensions heated across the ground. As the siren sounded for halftime, the bombers headed back to the change rooms, where Trinny delivered an aggressive but inspirational pep talk – which would probably have worked if we weren’t still distracted by her pants and our newest recruit Kenzie…

Third quarter is a bit of a blur, and unfortunately my note takers were distracted by a hot guy with a pug making his away around the field, can’t blame them. Margot, fresh from her unjust spell on the sidelines, took a couple of superb marks. She was well supported by the rest of the amazing backline, who were hammered all day, but continued to apply the pressure forcing the opposition to an innacurate 4 goals 8 points for the quarter. Small Erin had a few trademark runs but again the Bombers weren’t able to convert – silver lining – would have been an impressive display had we been playing golf, nailing it for another quarter on par.

The final quarter was definitely a win from all accounts, keeping the Gong to a measly one goal, the bombers scored in their amazing team work and patches of brilliant play across the ground – all the while not troubling the tireless volunteers behind the scoreboard – how thoughtful. The opposition, clearly frustrated, tried to bring us down to their level – but we stood strong – with Kristee notably taking a big hit. And although we didn’t get her a last goal, small Erryn was given the send of she deserved, chaired off the ground – you’ll be sorely missed!

As Harry Potter once inspired us, ‘The phoenix must burn to emerge’. So we may have gotten burnt but hey I’d be worried if I was North Shore.. Only one ‘Bombers’ will emerge victorious, and it will be us.

Best Players: K. Judd, A. Knight, A. Laven, J. Gallagher, J. Farrow, J. Debenham


Fernwood Fitness Players Player: By a very wide margin, Kristy Judd was voted the game’s Player’s Player. Kristy took excellent marks even when heavily contested and displayed speed, agility and creativity on the pitch (she made one hell of the trick pass that even left top-of-the-table Wollongong in awe).

2nd: Frankie Sullivan was our runner up for Player’s Player. Their experience as a defensive player shows, and Frankie takes marks effortlessly and knows how to open up the play—an invaluable skill when our defensive 50 is congested.

3rd: Jeri Gallagher almost tied with Frankie, coming in as a close second runner up for Player’s Player. Jeri is our go-to gal in full back, with a strong kick and a fearlessness that is unmatched. Not only did she block goal after goal, but she remained calm despite the pressure and intensity around her.

Prems vs UTS

The sun was shining and the sunscreen was out in full force as the Bombers prepared for a clash with the Irish on Waverley Oval. It was Megs birthday (can someone tell Yuge its Meg not Megan?) and the bombers were ready to give her a win! Despite the fact that the bombers had to warm up with three incredibly flat balls (WHO HAS THE BALLLS???) they managed to look united and sharp as they took to the field. From the first ball up the mids were all over the Shamrocks like white on rice, the taps from Erin and Andriana were clean and seemed to pop straight into the eager hands of Kellog, Barrsy and Meg who began to pepper the forward fifty with excellent entries. Aj did an epic tackle and the big rig was applying full firm like pressure with an awesome spoil. Despite the fact that the Bombers had a clear case of the fumbles all over the field, they managed to pull away with 5 goals shared throughout the forwards and mids, keeping the Shamrocks scoreless.

5.0-30   0.0-0

After a quick pep talk from the Boss man and an observation from all that we needed to stay calm and work on the handball accuracy and catching, we were away again. Tex Walker was on fire bagging herself goal after goal and doing some great runs down the wing. The big rig was showing her strength and excellent marking skills, whilst Wiggo was shouting orders, chatting and orchestrating some great switches. Pip was rotated through the middle and seemed to pop out of every ruck with the ball in her hands which she then delivered straight to the forward line.

10.3-63- 0.0-0

J lew took to the field and instantly broke through the ranks pushing the ball to the forwards (and then somehow ended up in the forward line trying to get a goal). Chloe Scrimmyshaw was back to her old self with great defensive work in the forward line and bagged herself two goals. Izzy “the Terminator” Rudolph was displaying her clinical goal scoring skills and smart positioning and lets not forget the understated goal celebrations that everyone in the firm cant wait to see. Dre was everywhere sneaking in hand balls and feeding the ball to the hungry forward line

13.5-83- 0.0-0

The backs were pressing with so much force that they were hitting the top of the forward 50 and UTS just couldn’t get it out. Nic was running circles around the opposition and Chiara “Diablo” really stepped up the defensive pressure in the forward line, doing some crucial tackles that kept the ball up front. Yuge asked us to get to 20 goals so we went back out there with a mission, only made it to 16 but the mighty FIRM kept the opposition scoreless which was a great effort by them!

16.10-106- 0.0-0

Funny moment: Rach taking a mark and Steph asking Rach to share and Rach not having a bar of it! The Shamrocks then all started shouting that Rach had better get it in now-and she did-of course! Just another goal for Rachy Stack adding to her already massive tally!

Bar Cleveland players player- Kelloggs-What a game, Kellogs did it all, strong defensive pressure, excellent read of the taps and smart quick handballs and kicks out to the forwards. Her excellent use of the central position also meant she bagged herself 3 big ones! What a ledge!

2nd Pippy- Pippy is peaking at the right time with her last few games showcasing her great athleticism, good read of the ball and strong defensive work. She delivered some great bullets into the forwards.

3rd Dre- this little pocket rocket is giving everyone a run for their money with her quick, smart handballs, awesome positioning and great marks.

Goal Kickers: S. Walker 5, R. Stack 3, K. Sutcliffe 3, I. Rudolph 2, C. Scrimshaw 2, N. Barr
Best Players: K. Sutcliffe, P. Clegg, N. Barr, A. Roditis, E. McKinnon, A. Smith


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