Round Two – Bombers coming through

Another great week for the Sydney Uni Bombers!


Round two brought with it another Victory for the Prem Div


UTS 1.4-10  to Sydney Uni 10.16-76

Goals to : Chloe Scrimshaw (3), Annie Boyle (2), Rach Stack (2), Tara McKenty (1), Megan Creegan (1) and Steph Walker (1)

Bar Cleveland Players Player was Rach Stack, with a back to back players player. Rach had an incredible game, and this year is the best start to a season she has ever had. Rach never gave up, and just kept going even with 3 or 4 Shamrocks on top of her! Her persistence, game sense, safe hands and strength were on show and along with two goals of her own she was a deserving winner! What a pleasure to watch.

Coming in close second was Meg Haynes, who was flawless off the ground. So many good handballs and little sprints through the centre to deliver the ball the forwards. She read the ball from the tap beautifully and ran the whole game. Megan is becoming the work horse of the mids, which is essential for a good season.

Third was Chloe, who got three goals again this week, setting herself up for a golden boot perhaps? She did some great leads and is always in the right position, combine this will beautiful accurate set shots and you have a dangerous forward.

Special mentions: Lots of people were out this week and our debutante Angie played great , taking some lovely marks in the forward 50. Adriana’s taps were beautiful and she was up against a ruck twice her size. Wiggo lead the defensive line beautifully, and the Shamrocks were pretty much locked out of our 50.  Kellogs got some great clearing kicks from the middle and Orlaith pulled out a right foot kick from nowhere, relieving the pressure. Annie played her crumbing role to perfection and bagged two goals of her own. Chiara also had a stand out game. Last but not least Charlotte got the tackle of the game, with a hard but fair below the shoulder hit, which was deliciously close to the sideline. It reminded me why I don’t play but also why I love watching so much!

Oh and of course let’s not forget it was Izzy and Steph’s first game back for the Bombers! How good is that? Two Giants back home, and another two still to come!



Another great display of footy and teamwork for Div 1.


Sydney Uni 3.5-23 to Wollondilly Knights 6.11-47

Goals to: Leila Morgenroth (1), Amber Laven (1) and Alexis Murry (1)

Fernwood Fitness Broadway Players Player : Sophie Clarke. Sophie was consistently on the run, making herself available at every contest and relieving the pressure.  Second was Amber who took some amazing marks, and third was Erin who tackled even the most intimidating players and made some excellent leads.

The first quarter proved a bit tough for the Golds but we worked on staying on our player, playing our positions and trusting our team-mates.  There were some beautiful passages of play through the middle with nice kicks straight to clean marks. Jenni had a great game with some excellent leads and possessions. Tanika took some lovely marks in our forward 50 and Leila scored her first goal.  It’s safe to say that the score line doesn’t reflect the tightness of the game and the amazing effort put in by the Bombers.



As always a big thank you to our volunteers. For the Prems, Una helped out in a big way being message runner as Vic had a brutal cold and couldn’t be bothered! We had Tall Erin pitch in with some lovely water running, and she didn’t even complain about the shirt being awkwardly small. Sarah came to help out and delivered water with a smile and Dre was on the sideline cheering us on and also helping move bags out of the change room, which is probably the most annoying job.

Div 1 had a home game so got the expert assistance of Amy and Starsy, along with now veteran volunteers Becca Blackwell , Liam Turner and Liam Hogan. The Golds also got a cameo from retired Bomber (who we all wish would just come out of retirement) Winks! We had Chris Murray providing some expert vision behind the goals and Hazimoto Territoto carefully watching the score and time, albeit in black and white.

I know it’s only round two, but a big thank you to the Volunteer CEO’s Amy and Starsy. When we were deciding to expand into two teams one of the biggest problems we thought we’d have is having enough volunteers. Thanks to their organisation and dedication we’ve had no problems (yet). If you know someone who can help out on the game days please get them into contact with Amy and Starsy so we can keep up our good run. Having plenty of keen volunteers helps players and coaches concentrate on the day and ultimately helps the bombers to a premiership.

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