Round 5 – Bombers Thrive

Another double win for the Bombers in round 5! Let’s try and make a habit of it!

First up were the Golds who are playing some amazing football together now, only four games in and they are performing like a well-oiled machine.


Sydney Uni 8.7-55 to North Shore 3.6-24

Goals to: Jas Fergus (2), Katrina Byrne (2), Amber Laven (2), Andrea Roditis , Erin Doyle

Fernwood Fitness Broadway Players Player went to Amber, who is apparently the Buddy Franklin of the team (in a good way!), runner up was Theo who , along with the other midfielders were super supportive of the back line and integral in getting the ball up the field. Second runner up was Chiara Palazzo who , along with Megan A are dominating in the back line. The best offence is a good defence, and having an impenetrable backline gives the mids and forwards the confidence to play the bombers game!

A special mention also to Dre who is back from injury after round 1, Dre was a speed demon and made some amazing marks, and to Theo who’s tackling game was impressive!



Sydney Uni 8.10-58 def Auburn-Penrith 1.7-13

Goals to : Rach Stack (2) , Kristy Sutcliffe (2), Adriana Smith, Izzy Rudolph, Ali Wood, Kelsey Pegrum

Bar Cleveland Players Player went to Kellogs, who played all over the pitch and took some incredible marks. There were pack marks, there were intercepts there were marks taken getting absolutely pummelled and also she bagged two goals!  Runner up was Jen, who played the sweeping back role beautifully, so many time she stopped the ball getting into our back line and handed it back over to our mids. Jen plays with the same determination every week, whether it’s a top of the table clash or 1vs8 which is great motivator for the team. Second runner up went to Kelsey who got her head over the ball, did some great hand balls and also bagged her first goal for the bombers!

 Other special mentions went to Chiara who is player harder, faster and smarter every week, Wiggo for her goal saving soccer skills and Ali for scoring a goal before anyone even started watching the game!

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