Round 4 – the best round that ever there was

What a week for the Bombers! It felt like a fairy tale, two important wins and the first time the Sydney Uni Women’s AFL club has won two games in one weekend.

First up were the Golds who absolutely obliterated the opposition in their first win of the season.


Sydney Uni 16.16-112 to South West Sydney Magpies 1.2-8

Goals to: Erin Doyle (6), Megan Creegan (4) , Jas Fergus (2), Katrina Byrne, Jen Farrow, Rayanne Kenny, Bec Bowen.












Fernwood Fitness Broadway Players Player Went to Megan Creegan who palmed off players left right and centre and bagged 4 goals. Second place was Erin who got a record six goals (a record for a bomber this year) and will be snapping at the heels of Scrimshaw very soon! Third was Megan Asquith who was brilliant across the half back line , taking marks all over the place and making it easy for our mids to get the ball back to the forwards.

The Golds has some beautiful passages of play, with all the players getting the ball on their boot and avoiding too many handballs. They put into practice everything they have been learning at training and combined with some awesome team work it came together in a massive win. The amazing team spirit of the bombers was also on display with a number of players who couldn’t play getting down there to support their team mates. Cheering from the sidelines is amazing encouragement for the players on the field and it’s great to see everyone in the Gold’s getting around their team mates! The Gold’s also came down to support the prems, which was amazing and appreciated!

As always the bombers had some great volunteers this week. We had Rhett Doyle managing the team, Liam Turner water running with Liv and Becca Blackwell. Time keeper was the amazing Starsy and a MASSIVE thank you to Winks who umpired! Thanks to all the volunteers. It’s only because of you that the bombers can get onto the field.


Now onto the Blues, who, in a grand final rematch, clawed their way back to steal a win , right out from under UNSW.


Sydney Uni 4.8.32 def UNSW 4.5.29

Goals to : Chloe Scrimshaw , Rach Stack , Steph Walker and MEG HAYNES!!!


Bar Cleveland Players Player Was Meg Haynes, who, literally, won the game for the Bombers. With 19 seconds to go Meg kicked a beautiful goal, she was about 15 meters out, and at a bit of an angle , she collected the gathered the ball and got it on the boot before any defender even knew she had it. It sailed through. By the time the celebration was over the buzzer had sounded. Meg also played brilliantly for the 79 minutes before that. She is excellent in mids getting all the crumbs and always attacking the ball! Second place was Nic Barr who was relentless in defence; she made some great clearing kicks and got the bombers out of trouble numerous times with great marks and runs through the centre. Third was Jen who was throwing her body all over the place for spoils and tackles.

The pressure was on the Blues this round, it was the grand final rematch and ladies day which meant playing under lights, with a crowd and commentators. The Golds had won their game earlier in the day and the Blues didn’t want to let them down.

The first ten minutes were not ideal. However for the 70 minutes that followed the bombers kept UNSW to just one goal. Slowly but surely we clawed our way back into the game, through discipline and team work (maybe a bit of luck at the end there). There were beautiful passages of play all over the pitch, some amazing shepherd and bumps, some beautiful marks and clearing kicks. We withstood the pressure in our own 50 and didn’t get rattled towards the end of the game.  There was ball-up after ball-up in the last quarter and the play was constantly breaking down, but when it mattered we managed to get the ball out the back for Megan to kick the winning goal. It was the sweetest of victories!

As always Starsy and Amy were stellar time keepers! Vic and Una delivered water and we had Ellie Brush running messages to professional standards.


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