ROUND 1 – Bombers start the season

Two great Bombers games get us off to a great start of the 2017 season!


What a way to start the season for the bombers with a decisive win over Mac Uni.


Mac Uni 1.0-6  to Sydney Uni 9.11-65

Goals to : Chloe Scrimshaw (3), Kristy Sutters (1), Rach Stack (3) , Casey Samuals (1), Annie Boyle (1)

Bar Cleveland Players Player was a tie to Rach Stack and Jen Lew. Jen took some great marks in the back line, and broke through to put bombers back on the attack. Rach bagged three goals, and , as always, gave the bombers room to breathe with some great clearing kicks.

Special mentions: Kellogs who performed well and grabbed two goals in a high pressure game. Chloe who consistently lead and created space and bagged three goals (at least one of those came before she even knew she was supposed to catch the ball). Pippy for her clean take off the first tap leading straight to a goal. AJ for nearly nailing herself on the goal post for a mark (but not actually nailing herself). All the rookies for a fabulous first game, an onlooker would have had no idea that it was anyone’s first game out there.

Considering some of the external factors on the day we kept our composure and secured sweet sweet victory!



A great start to the season, for Division1.


“East Coast” 7.17- 59  to Sydney Uni 4.2-26

Goals to: Erin Doyle (2), Jas Fergus (1) and Amber Lavern (1)

Fernwood Fitness Broadway Players Player : Erin, with two goals and some great tackles, Grace came in second and Bec third.

The first quarter was a slippery one, the morning dew was making it hard to catch the ball, but we scored the first goal. Chiara and Bec took plenty of goal saving marks through the backline and Megan was consistently sprinting through corridors, relieving pressure and sending the ball back to our forwards. The second half of the game was phenomenal, the girls got physical without getting scrappy. Erin proved that size doesn’t matter, making some huge tackles. Grace took on a giant in the ruck and reacted to some opposition taunting like a true bomber i.e. playing amazingly. Tanika, in the forward line, was always making herself an option and there were some amazing passages of play all over the park.

The score unfortunately did not favour Div 1, but the sheer resilience and enthusiasm that never wavered, shows the strength of the Bombers and hints to a great season ahead


A huge thank you to all of the volunteers who helped out on the day! We couldn’t play footy without volunteers. For the first round we had  Rhett Doyle, Liam Turner, Lindsay Asquith, Becca Blackwell, Kate Asquith, David Noakes, Liam Hogan, Una McKay, Vic Pye, Amy McKeown, Ali White and Anastasia Scott! What a team!







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